Thursday, August 20, 2009

Astro Bread

Here is an interesting find. It's a commercial for what seems to be some kind of bread in China, and there is an Astro Boy movie promotion going on.

This was uploaded on YouTube by tongmanhongz. Through the miracle of Babelfish, we can translate the Chinese text description into English and open the door towards more information!

The big prize on 4th 3 night of Osaka Atongmu roam the travel company “the hand tomb to govern the insect museum” the admission ticket two prizes to limit the quantity collects the Atongmu model coverall three prizes in October, 2009 brand-new Atongmu CG animation big movie ticket Garden
Oh yeah! I can't wait for the Atongmu CG animation! Then I will use the hand tomb to govern the insect museum!

Clearly, the translation is slightly inelegant. Amusing though.