Friday, August 14, 2009

Astro Boy Video Game Interview @ Examiner

High Voltage Software producer Cameron Rains recently answered some questions about the upcoming Astro Boy Video Game with Here's a sample:

Prior to working on Astro Boy: The Video game, I had spent a recreational amount of time with Tezuka’s manga as well as the Treasure GameBoy Advance title, Astro Boy: Omega factor. From reading the manga, I always thought that Astro would make a great game character and Treasure’s title definitely drove that point home. The team was really inspired by the film and especially the manga to create a fun, intuitive game with a strong replay value and amazing characters.
Check out the entire interview here.

There are some good questions but I think that we can do better! There are a few days left to get in your questions about the Astro Boy video game for an interview right here on AstroBoy World. Don't miss this excellent opportunity!