Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hot Toys' Astro Vinyl + Collectible Figures

A good detailed look at non-final versions of the exciting products from Hot Toys based on the Astro Boy CG movie can be found here.

Shown at the right, we now know that the diorama figure is 12.5 inches tall, has some limited articulation, and is made of vinyl. This figure is looking like a real winner.

And here are the specs for the other product, the fully articulated Astro Boy collectible figure.

- Approximately 9 inches tall
- Over 22 points of articulation
- 2 sets of interchangeable posing hands
- Open chest with positive "blue" energy inside
- Battery-operated illuminated eyes for X-ray vision mode
- Interchangeable arm cannons
- Interchangeable rocket boots
- Figure display base featured with Astro Boy movie logo.
The final products are subject to change, but these shots really show off that they are on the right track and set to do some great things with the Astro Boy movie license.


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