Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Astro Boy Movie's International Rollout Still Going

This is quite interesting. I had recently found a number of reviews for the Astro Boy Movie coming from newspapers and websites originating in India. It turns out that this film has only just now, as of this past weekend, been released in theaters there. I don't know about the box office but the reviews seem generally positive overall. It appears that the Indian release of the film is in its original English Language.

I didn't realize there were still major markets that had not even gotten a theatrical release of the film yet. It was released in the UK back in the winter, and that seemed like a long wait compared to the Asian and North American releases, but other countries only saw the film's release in recent months. Others still, like Spain, are still having to wait until next month for the film, and there even now some counties have the release of the movie still listed as TBA.

So, clearly, it's not that great if you live somewhere that hasn't gotten to see the film yet while we're here in North America watching it at home on DVD and Blu Ray, but this does mean that there is still money being made on the movie and that can only be a good thing for a film that had a tough time finding an audience in its initial release. So, since this is AstroBoyWorld after all, I invite everyone from any country who has seen the movie to please share your thoughts and let everyone know what you think!


Manetoys said...

Geez, no wonder they're having so much trouble making money from this. Why are the release dates so far apart?

Ninjatron said...

No idea why this is the case or even if this is out of the ordinary for movies. I was under the impression that movies in different countries have their releases closer together these days due to piracy concerns, but clearly not so for Astro Boy. I can only speculate that issues relating to Summit Entertainment's global marketing resources would have something to do with it, as they are a smaller studio than Fox, Paramount, and the like.


Anonymous said...

Wow had no idea some countries have to wait so long to see it on the big screen. Aw well, should get Imagi more money.

And I LOVED the movie! best thing that's ever happened to me! Just sad a second movie might not see the light of day...T_T

Conan94 said...

I am not too surprised; the Astro Boy Video Game, which was supposed to be released in my country (Australia) in October 2009, is still not released now (June 2010).