Friday, July 4, 2008

The Animation Guild Blog talks Imagi

TAG Blog brings us a glimpse of Imagi in a new article, which contains a few words from Imagi staffers. Not much in the way of new news on the Astro Boy movie but there are a few little details about Gatchaman, with a piece of concept art, as well as some insight on how things are running at their Galleria offices in Sherman Oaks.

"Imagi is doing something I think every c.g. studio should do. We're taking character models, and only working with them on paper for maybe a week. Then we get those early, rougher models into the computers and do all the rest of the modeling work there. It really helps getting them into 3-D mode earlier, because that's the world they're going to exist in."
Read it in its entirety on TAG Blog: At Imagi.


Anonymous said...

For those who are interested in getting an inside look at Imagi Studios, check this video out: