Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anime Expo 2008 Wrap Up

To make archiving and keeping tabs of all the news easier, I'm creating this single post with links to all of the coverage AstroBoy World gave to the news regarding the upcoming Astro Boy animated movie to come out of AX this year. All sorts of information about the story, the visuals, the tone of the film, and the cast was revealed. Get up to date by reading these links.

Anime Expo 2008 - Initial announcement of Imagi's involvement at the convention.

Anime Expo Backstage - Pictures of the booth and links to a video.

Interview with Movie Director and Producer! David Bowers and Maryann Garger speak! Nicolas Cage is confirmed as the voice of Dr. Tenma.

New Astro Won't Stray Far - More with David Bowers about how the film will be staying close to the classic story, with a few new and interesting changes, including a floating city.

Astro Voice Talent Is Tops - David Bowers talks about the movie's voice actors and their performances. Confirmed here are Bill Nighy as the voice of Dr. Elefun and Nathan Lane as the voice of HamEgg.

IGN at AX: David Bowers Talks Astro Boy - Another interview with David Bowers. Lots of detail on the movie, plus confirmation on Donald Sutherland as the voice of General Stone. Ryan Stiles and David Alan Grier are mentioned for the first time as being on the cast as well.

AWM at AX - Animation World Magazine's coverage of Anime Expo, with some focus on Astro Boy.

Astro on Video from Anime Expo - A great video of Imagi's booth surrounded by enthusiastic fans, plus a very small glimpse of some early animation.

Keep checking AstroBoy World for all the latest news on the AstroBoy movie as it comes in!