Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic Con: Bowers and Garger talk to "Geek to Me"

Now that Comic Con is in the books, blogs and other media outlets are now bringing out their news and articles covering the event.

Geek to Me brings us an audio interview done this past Saturday with Astro Boy director David Bowers and Producer Maryann Garger, who were on the scene at Imagi's booth to shed some more light on the film and what they are doing with it. Not much of the info is brand new to anyone who's been following the film closely, but reemphasizes that the movie will be cutting edge, modern interpretation of the classic story.

Speaking on the cast, David Bowers says that Eugene Levy is performing the voice of Dr. Tenma's house robot, and Donald Sutherland's character, General (President?) Stone, is the villain of the film. The actors are given time to get to know their characters and are re-recording the first scenes at the end of a session after they are comfortable with the voice.

Give it a listen right here!

David, a brief word of advice: the word manga is pronounced "Mah-n-gah", not "Maeng-ah." Just a pet peeve of mine!