Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Astro on Video from Anime Expo

Missed this one when it first popped up, but I've got it for you now. Here's a video giving us a great view of Imagi's booth at Anime Expo. You get to see the excitement people have for next year's CG animated Astro Boy movie (and for the free t-shirts, no doubt), as well as a very short glance at some very early animation towards the end of the video. Although the footage we see here is only a few seconds and is obviously not final, it's the first look at the film that's been available on the Internet, and even in its primitive state, it does look pretty cool!

This video was uploaded about a week ago by YouTube user hollyweedathollywood. Thanks to Astroboy Online Fourm member Dragonrider1227 for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Nice AstroBoy Blog, I love Ozamu Tezuka Artwork, Have you read Budha?

Ninjatron said...

Thanks for coming. Glad you like it.
I have not yet read Buddha but I hope to read it someday. I want to read as much Tezuka manga as I can. I am most looking forward to the English release of Black Jack right now.