Monday, July 28, 2008

New movie images

Coming out of Comic Con, here are some pictures that bring us a better look at what Astro might look like in the upcoming CGI animated Astro Boy movie from Imagi.

First, Felix Ip shows off a better look at the mysterious silhouette image that has been used to promote the film.

Next, here is a picture of the bag that was being given away at Imagi's booth at Comic Con 2008 this past weekend. It has the same silhouette image, but surrounded by what look like storyboard artwork. Totally cool! Thanks to Fauna of the Astroboy Online Forums for the tip. I will hopefully have a closer look at this bag in a few weeks.

And now, the big one. From io9's Comic Con coverage, here is a photo of a screen displaying a full colour, full body shot of a CG Astro. Is this what our boy is going to look like in the movie? Or is this not the final product yet? It looks a bit different than the silhouette, especially the ankles. There was no context provided with the image, so I could use some confirmation.

I will add these pictures to the image gallery once I know exactly what I'm looking at.


Anonymous said...

Oy! In that full-body shot, he looks like he came out of Pixar's "Meet the Robinsons". Also, he's got hotpants instead of the usual speedo.

Holy crap, this is exciting. Thanks for the credit on the bag picture, BTW!

Ninjatron said...

Sure thing, Fauna!

The proportions look different too. The silhouette image seems to have longer legs and just be better proportioned over all. And the hip section seems like it's a sculpted robotic piece as opposed to just wearing shorts like this color one. I hope the color one is not final, but we'll see.