Sunday, February 22, 2009

Astro Boy Toys @ Toy Fair!

Last week in New York City, the International Toy Fair was held, where toy producers show off what they'll be offering to retailers over the next several months. This is always one of my favorite times of the year, since I love action figures and I've been a collector for many years.

Jazwares was on hand to give us a peak at the range of merchandise they'll have for the upcoming CG animated Astro Boy movie from Imagi, and has got the scoop with many pictures. This is giving us not only a look at what the toys will be like, but also some ideas of what might end up being key points to the movie's story.

Some interesting things to note.

- It looks like there will be several different figures of Astro available, including ones featuring his civilian clothes as well as his classic boots and shorts look. They all appear to have many points of articulation so they should be very poseable!

- One of the more interesting releases in the action figure line looks to be a figure of Astro wearing armor. It actually looks pretty bad-ass. Could this be his "Robot Gladiator" costume?

- There are also a few other characters revealed thus far, including two different versions of the Peacekeeper (one normal, and another that looks like it has absorbed many other machines), the trashcan dog with a robot drone, and what looks like a gladiator robot with saws.

- Also due for release is a larger, deluxe Astro Boy figure that includes the trashcan dog robot and removable arm cannons. It might have light up electronics too but I can't tell.

- Some urban vinyl-style figures were on display as well. More on those later.

- And lastly, there appears to be some kind of child-size role-play arm cannon toy.

Check out all the pictures for yourself at the Toy Fair 2009 Astro Boy gallery!

Jazwares also has a Astro Boy toy line subsite, but nothing is there just yet.

There isn't much text information right now so everything I just wrote is just my own observations. I'll have more info on the Astro Boy toy line as it becomes available. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Astro in armor. Cool. :]

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