Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More on Astro movie toys.

With thanks again to, I have some more info on the upcoming Astro Boy toy line from Jazwares. There will be different size classes, 3.75 inch action figures, and 6 inch action figures. Also, the urban vinyl style Astro Boy collectibles are in the same style as other licenses from Jazwares, so you can display your Astro vinyl right beside your Megaman vinyl!

I've copied the main info below.

3 and 3 quarter figures kick the line off, as the favorite scale for toy manufacturers this year. This series includes Astro Boy in his movie outfit and an Iconic outfit for die hard fans, Peacekeeper (the villain), Soldier and Trashcan (the dog!).

6 Inch figures with electronics will hit stores with light up features. Peacekeeper in particular will have veining through out his body that will light up for a creepy effect. In the film, he absorbs other electronics and takes on their power, so the figures will reflect some of his incarnations as he grows to monstrous dimensions. It should be noted that since Peacekeeper grows in size, this will make the 6 inch figure in scale with the 3 and 3 quarter line as well. Another Iconic Astro Boy figure will allow you to open up his heart and see his blue core! Finally we've got what Jazwares is calling "Killbot" (the knight's armor looking robot with saw blades) with his light up eyes.

A 10 inch Astroy Boy pack is also on the way. Astro Boy features a light up chest, arm cannons, feet rockets and eyes. Trashcan is also included in this pack.

Astro Boy Urban Vinyl joins Jazzwares new Sonic and Mega Man pieces. They’ll start with 3 Astro Boys and a soldier.

Some plush is also planned but so far, only Trashcan has made the cut. You can pretty much guarantee Astro will join him eventually.

Onto Roleplay with Astro Boy's fist cannon with lights and sounds included. Also available will be light up cores (the round object in front of the cannon in our pictures.)
There's only one thing to say. "Killbot!"

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