Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AWESOME New Astro Boy movie pics!

Harry from Ain't it Cool News is bringing us the goods!

Two new pictures from the upcoming CG animated Astro Boy movie by Imagi have been released, and they are incredible! These are big pictures! Click for a larger view.

Here we have Astro flying around Metro City. Check out the details in the background! It looks just like the world I would envision Astro to live in. Look closely on the left side and you can even see Tezuka's trademark "Hyoutan-Tsugi" mushroom-pig-thing. These cats know their stuff!

And here we have Peacekeeper, a robot that absorbs other machines and uses their energy. Looks wicked!

Now, let's be honest about this. It's pretty obvious why we've been graced by these two images. It's to show that this movie, despite all of Imagi's recent troubles, is still going to happen, and still going to look spectacular. Well, mission accomplished in my book! This ought to quiet down the doomsayers for awhile!

Make sure you check out Harry's original post on AICN and get his take on things. He's clearly a big fan too!


Anonymous said...

Oh! Where is the poison pig? I don't see it.. Awesome pics by the way. :]

Ninjatron said...

A green sign, towards the middle of the left side, just to the lower left of Astro. Says "LIVE LOVE LAUGH" on it. Looks like Tezuka's trademark pig to me.


Anonymous said...

Oh you're right! Good eye. :]