Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Astro movie pics at IGN!

IGN has uploaded some brand new images from the upcoming CG animated Astro Boy movie by Imagi. Check 'em out!

The blueprints for Astro look as if they were drawn by Tezuka himself!

Astro takes to the sky.

Looks like he's in trouble here. Wonder how this scene works into the plot.

Be sure to check out the Astro Boy gallery at


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder how much Astro will appear in his trademark metal underpants, if at all...

Manetoys said...

I'm thinking their saving the trademark undies for the climactic battle scene in the end. They probably don't think most people want to watch 2 hours of a little boy in his underwear. Well, maybe some do but I don't think Imagi wants THAT market ;p
These are excellent shots. I especially love the picture of the blue prints

Kit said...

They're keeping the marketing in mind. Too many moms upset about their sons wanting to go trick-or-treating in their undies.