Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Astro Boy Hollywood Premier Coverage

Plenty of cool coverage of this past Monday's Hollywood premier of the Astro Boy movie is now on the net. Let's dive right in and see what we've got!

Gossip Center
has some photos of Freddie Highmore and Kristen Bell, along with an Astro character mascot.

L.A. Looks was in the house, giving Astro-hair-dos to volunteers. Read their press release here.

AceShowBiz has a report of the event and an extensive photo gallery.

Coming out of the UK, ITN has a video report of the premier.

The Mainichi Daily News brings the Japanese perspective of this American premier, featuring Makoto Tezuka who had this to say about the festivities:

"My father would be happier than anyone else that his work has been titled in English and screened in Hollywood. My heart is too full for words,"
And finally, thanks to Pacific Rim Video, I am able to present some video coverage of the red carpet. Below is an interview with Freddie Highmore. Click the "Continue reading" link to see the rest of the videos.


Anonymous said...

Seeing Osamu Tezuka's own son talk about his involvement and aspirations for the film was pretty sweet. And Bill Nighy seems like a pretty cool guy (who like many people can't pronounce "manga" properly). :]

css210 said...

Here's a fun little-known (at least here in the US) fact - Osamu Tezuka's son actually spells his family name "Tezka."