Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Insights from Fred Schodt

The Sci-Fi Block has a very in-depth interview with author and translator Frederik L. Schodt about the history and cultural relevance of his friend Osamu Tezuka and the story of Astro Boy.

Here's a sample.

"But many of the stories, the episodes that he wrote and drew have a lot to say to us today about things that you wouldn’t expect, things that transcend what you would expect in children’s manga or children’s comics because he’s talking about very serious issues, such as coexistence between man and machine and ethical issues, ecological issues. There are even episodes that sort of hint and foreshadow some of the problems we have today with terrorism."
You can read "Insights from the Author of 'The Astro Boy Essays'" on SciFiBlock.com. Special thanks to Robert for alerting me to this great interview!


Robert Ring said...

Thanks, Ninjatron, for the post. I hope everyone enjoys the interview!

Anonymous said...

The Astro Boy Essays is a great read as well.