Saturday, October 10, 2009

Astro Movie Now Released in Japan!

Yes, October 10th is the official release date for the animated Astro Boy / Atom movie in Japan. Time will tell how well the Japanese public receives this new film about their treasured national icon. But so far, the buzz seems good.

Writer, translator, and Tezuka-associate Fredrick L. Shodt recently posted this on his Twitter account.

At a Kadokawa Japan pre-screening of Atom for families on the 7th, satisfaction of adults was 91/100. For kids 99/100.
Wow, that sounds like a hit to me!

In keeping with the theme of the Japanese release, here is some video of the red carpet festivities at the Japanese premier in Tokyo on October 5th.

And here's a picture of the lovely Aya Ueto, the voice of Atom in the Japanese dub of the film, from when the casting announcement was first made.

You can find more pictures at the Mainichi Daily News.


F-Man said...

Really wish I could find that plush somewhere. I'm sure there isn't a better one.