Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Freddie Highmore Interview

The Astro Boy movie is out now, but it looks like the promotional interviews are still rolling. Here's slice from a new one I just found with the voice of Astro, Freddie Highmore.

"You want to get it right, but I think we did a good job. Probably the biggest challenge – not so much for me but in creating the film — was to bring him up to date. When he was first created in the ’50s, he was a cutting-edge figure and he was living in a real up-to-date world, even in the future, and obviously the future now for us is different to what it was back then, so I think it was important to keep that same feeling — that he’s living in a world we haven’t yet discovered. So we brought him a little up to date but in keeping with the same character that he’s well-known for and loved for."
You can read the entire interview on Buzzine. It's a pretty informative one, too.


Anonymous said...

Freddie did a great job as Astro. He put a great amount of authenticity and feeling into the role.

It sucks the movie hasn't done well Stateside. I've seen it twice, with family and friends, and we all loved it. It deserves to do better at the box office. Oh, well, it's a huge hit in China, and hopefully it'll do well in other countries as well. I'm definitely buying the DVD.